Infrared is a device that emits thermal infrared waves in the form of red light. The system is combined with aerobic exercise (usually a treadmill) and delivers the benefits of aerobic exercise much faster. Radiation raises body temperature thereby increasing blood circulation. The increased circulation causes more sweating and a parallel increase in metabolism. The infrared device is placed behind the gym and sends out radiation during aerobic exercise. It takes exactly thirty minutes and requires absolutely no setup.

At GYMWAY gyms, we are interested in having healthy and happy athletes. We provide a friendly environment with a variety of classes aimed at creating a strong and healthy body that will satisfy any of your requirements, help you achieve your goal and give you the result you dream of. Our experienced and qualified trainers are always close to you to help you improve your physical condition correctly and safely. GYM WAY gyms combine knowledge, experience, development with a warm and beautiful environment where the health of your body is our concern.

Pilates Reformer

But what is a Pilates Reformer? This particular bed is called a reformer and on it you will not lift weights and bars, you will use the resistance of the springs along with your body weight!

Miha Bodytec

The basis for health, wellness and a beautiful body is an active muscular system. Physical well-being is also linked to mental well-being. These positive effects can be achieved through electromuscular stimulation, since it can act throughout the body. As is the case with miha bodytec. Through the integrated method, the results are immediately visible and noticeable, because it acts deep below the surface of the entire body.

Vacu Power

Vacupower is a machine that combines two well-known and widely accepted methods in the field of exercise and beauty, respectively. The aerobic exercise and the sub-pressure or as it is usually called, Vacu. An important point to note is the fact that we are not talking about sub-pressure conditions, nor about exercising in weightless conditions, as some may claim or have already claimed.

Power Plate

The most modern, alternative way to exercise offers you the opportunity for more enjoyable and efficient exercise. Based on the power of vibrations (an application of astronautics), the Power Plate requires the least amount of effort from you, bringing results that will amaze you! 25 minutes of exercise with the Power Plate is equivalent to two to two and a half hours of intensive weight training.


Weight training not only improves your appearance, but also benefits your health. Just two weight training sessions a week are enough to make a difference. See why you should love weight training more and incorporate it into your daily routine

Discover the ultimate fitness experience at GYM WAY and give yourself the gift of health and wellness.


Our trainers are dedicated professionals whose ultimate goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals. With years of experience and expertise in various training methods, they will guide you, encourage you and create customized programs to meet your needs and goals. With their support and expertise, you will discover the best version of yourself and enjoy your journey to health and physical wellness.

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Όργανα γυμναστικής

Port of Volos

In September 2017, GYM WAY Fitness & Wellness, the flagship of the GYM WAY chain, started its operation at the main pier in the port of Volos. The 2000sq.m. area is distinguished for its high aesthetics, unparalleled sea view and state-of-the-art equipment of the leading companies Technogym and Matrix in the field of fitness.

Άσκηση στο εργόμετρο

Nikitara 4

In 2013 GYM WAY Cross Box was founded. The gym is developed in a three-storey building with a surface area of 1500sq.m. that has a Reception Area, Instrument Room, Group Programs Room, Functional Area, Personal Training Room, Basketball Room, Squash Room, Men's and Women's Locker Rooms.

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