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Laser Hair Removal

Xlase plus-Alexandrite & Laser Board

Painless and effective laser hair removal with a 5-year written guarantee of results.
The diode laser is very safe and due to the high rate of hair follicle destruction per session, it can give permanent results in 8-12 sessions. The laser alexandrite with a wavelength of 755nm delivers maximum energy absorption. It becomes ideal for a wider range of hair type and colour. The new technology Xlase plus incorporates all the advantages of the 2 methods, without the disadvantages, since one method complements the other.

Face treatments

by Medical Spa

Face treatments


The coaxmed system uses the most advanced monopolar RF technology.Clinical studies have proven that it gently lifts the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and tightening the facial contours and especially the relaxation of the neck. It also features a vacuum system with a cooled head for lymphatic drainage and greater facial lift.

How long is the session : 

Depending on the extent of the area applied and the degree of relaxation, the duration can be from 15-40 minutes.

When the results are visible:

Immediately after the first conferences you will see a big difference in the face and you will feel them smoother and tighter. Over the course of treatments and time this feeling increases for 2-3 weeks and the full ones are 2-3 months later.

How long the result lasts:

Four sessions with coaxmed-crf causes immediate tightening of collagen in the skin and production of new collagen with a further increase in tightening in the following months.

Clinical studies have shown that the effects last more than two years depending on the natural aging of each organism.

Dermapen treatment

Dermapen is the original and most widely used microneedling system in the world. Thanks to its many different applications, dermapen adapts to your specific needs to instantly treat wrinkles and signs of aging, acne scars, enlarged pores, melasma and discoloration.

Hydrafacial Treatment

Non-invasive multi-step treatment that combines hydrodermabrasion, chemical peeling, sebum extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection. It offers, clean, radiant, refreshed skin, free of blemishes and wrinkles.

Polydronic acid

Polyhydroxyacids or PHA: These are forms of AHA or alpha-hydroxyacids with a higher molecular weight, which are less irritating and penetrating and make micro-visible exfoliation. They create a mild peeling, which is limited to the first layers of the skin. This regenerates the skin and improves its overall tone.

Deep facial cleaning

Deep cleansing is the most basic facial treatment for women and men as it removes dirt, dead cells and sebum, leaving the skin glowing and allowing it to breathe and function better.

PDT LED-Photo Dynamic Therapy-Photo Mask

The PDT LED Photomask is the future in LED machine that addresses skin problems through LED light. The light emitted from low-power LED wavelengths affects mitochondria, energy-producing factories.The PDT LED Photomask is the future in LED machine that treats skin problems through LED light. The light emitted from low power led wavelengths affects the mitochondria, energy producing factories.Thus we achieve stimulation of cellular metabolism, fibroblasts, capillaries, stimulating the release of growth factors and helping in tissue repair. The treatment is completely painless, without side effects and safe.

Xlase photoreconstruction

The technique that uses light, known as Photorejuvenation - Laser Lift, offers an effective treatment with light to address any damage done by the sun and to visibly improve the appearance of the skin on the face and body.

Body treatments

by Medical Spa

LPG Endermologie

The Endermologie® - Lipomassage LPG treatment is the first technology worldwide that aims to reduce surface fat trapped under the skin and cellulite. Today, Endermologie® treatment is established internationally with over 25,000 centres worldwide.


It is the first medical device in the world to be recognized by the F.D.A. (Food & Drug Administration of America) as a proven scientific solution for cellulite and uniform body contouring - non-invasive liposculpture.

Advantages of treatment:

The only technique in the world capable of releasing trapped fat

Non-invasive treatment that along with the known results, at the same time offers a feeling of well-being and relaxation

The LPG technique has created one of the most effective ways to fight cellulite

The controlled mechanical action based on a continuous suction-injection, reduces the volume of fat cells, improves vascular and lymphatic circulation, contributing significantly to better skin elasticity

What is the LPG Endermologie technique?

The LPG Endermologie technique is the latest, most indicated and effective treatment for cellulite reduction and non-invasive body liposculpture.

It is a 100% natural, safe, F.D.A. approved, and completely painless technique.

What are the results?

LPG is a pioneering connective tissue treatment aimed at reducing cellulite and surface fat trapped under the skin. It is also approved for therapeutic use. Over time, skin microcirculation worsens , the appearance of orange peel prevails and the skin loses its elasticity.

The results we achieve are:

Slimming, through activation of fat cell metabolism

Tightening, with stimulation of fibroblasts

Improve cellulite and orange peel appearance

Elimination of toxins and reduction of retention

Improvement of lymphatic and blood circulation


Endermologie® is the ideal treatment for the preparation and recovery of invasive liposuction and acts as the perfect complement to cosmetic plastic surgery.

How is the procedure carried out?

Endermologie ® treatment is applied by specially trained therapists. LPG is based on the use of a device with two adjustable cylinders and, at the same time, controlled suction.

The combined action of these allows perfect folding of the skin. The rollers move with a shorter or longer distance between them, depending on the condition of the tissue and the desired intensity of the treatment, performing a mechanical massage. During each session, the patient wears a special elastic body suit.

This increases microcirculation, promotes the repositioning of fat cells in their lobules, while free fatty acids return to the circulation to be consumed.

How long does it last and when should it be done?

Each session lasts approximately 35 minutes and 2 to 3 applications per week are recommended. A cycle of 12-16 sessions is usually considered sufficient for visible results.

Cellu M6 Alliance

Here came the new generation of LPG treatments and the two new and sophisticated models Cellu M6 ® Alliance. LPG Endermologie ® treatment has been for 30 years the only 100% natural, non-invasive and completely aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that naturally reactivates cell metabolism. It simultaneously contributes to the release of fat and the fight against sagging, while fully respecting the physiology of the body and the skin. The innovation of the LPG and the new Alliance systems lies in the fact that for the first time two different patented technologies, the independent movement of the roller and the independent movement of the blade have been combined in a single head for a simultaneous slimming, firming and anti-aging treatment of the face and body. The new head works deeper. Skin lubrication and therefore tissue mobilization and elasticity are increased by 25%!

Also, thanks to the new patented "Alliance Skin Identity Sensor", skin quality is no longer an obstacle to treatment effectiveness, as the system recognizes the skin identity and accurately adapts the treatment to the patient. Thus, the result is now both better and less dependent on the operator.

Proven Effectiveness

Prolonged studies have shown visible results from the third session for the body and from the first session for the face with overall improvement as follows: 70% reduction in local thickness (waist circumference reduction -5.2 cm), 67% cellulite smoothing, 71% increase in dermal and 80% increase in endogenous hyaluronic acid, 87% wrinkle smoothing, 70% contour tightening and twice as good skin appearance.

Young Mum

It targets "critical" areas (abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs) to restore a harmonious silhouette after childbirth, while providing a real sense of well-being.


It releases local fats, restores circulatory exchanges and tightens to restore smooth and tight skin, as well as a lighter body. This treatment is suitable for all types of cellulite (fatty, mercury and fibrous).


Cryoliposculpt is a cryolipolysis technique that permanently reduces the number of fat cells, just like liposuction, but with the difference that it is a non-invasive treatment.


Cellulite treatment - liposculpture

Cellulite is an edematous condition in which fat is deposited abnormally under the dermis of the skin fat cells which show retention and swelling.While the fat cells grow at the same time the connective tissue hardens so that the lymphatic circulation is blocked and thus we have fluid retention and we see the image of orange peel.

How COAX-MED helps:

COAXMED combines lipolytic ultrasound together with monopolar radiofrequency in the same head.The ultrasound penetrates deep under the skin releasing gas in the form of bubbles that cause the dissolution of the cell membrane of fat cells. The fat cells are heated and ruptured, causing the fat in liquid form to be propelled into the lymph and eliminated from the body. In this way we have a reduction in the number of fat cells and the breakdown of connective tissue septa resulting in a smoothing of the skin and a reduction in cellulite. The combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency which deeply heats the tissues causes a significant tightening of the area to which it is applied.

How many sessions are required :

The result with the COAXMED treatment is seen from the very first conferences. The number of sessions will depend on the size of the problem. Usually 6-12 sessions per area are required.

What is the difference between COAXMED - CRF and other devices?

Most devices on the market provide suction massage in combination with perhaps some low-intensity radiofrequency which offer a very small effect. The difference of coaxmed treatment is that the effect is permanent.

Ludera MyoSculpt

Abdominal smoothing, buttocks lifting and tightening without effort and with immediate results?
With Ludera MyoSculpt's Ems it is possible! Because just 30 minutes of treatment corresponds to 30,000 muscle contractions!!!

Using high and focused electromagnetic energy technology, we ensure:

fat reduction

muscle mass gain


reduction in periphery


BTL Hellas

Pressotherapy is a revolutionary procedure that increases venous and lymphatic flow. It is a lymphatic compression technique that aims to improve the circulatory system and achieve faster detoxification, with multiple benefits for your health and well-being.

Main Benefits:

  1. Reduction of muscle fatigue
  2. Immediate removal of persistent inflammation and swelling
  3. Reduction of swelling in hands and feet
  4. Effective management of lymphedema
  5. Prevention of varicose veins and thrombosis
  6. Reduction of delayed muscle pain

Massage-Sports-Deep tissue-Candle-Hot Stone-Muscle relaxer

Enjoy moments of wellness and relaxation with the help of our therapists. Choose the right type of massage for your needs and feel the difference in your body immediately. 


Η αποτρίχωση με το LaserX-Lase Plus Diode+Alex Pro, είναι μια πραγματικά ευχάριστη εμπειρία και μια από τις πιο άνετες διαδικασίες για μόνιμη αποτρίχωση. Μια αίσθηση στιγμιαίας έντονης θερμότητας που μπορεί να νοιώσει ο πελάτης καθώς η πανίσχυρη χειρολαβή των 4000watts, περνά πάνω από τις περιοχές θεραπείας, είναι αρκετή για να καταστρέψει οριστικά τον τριχοφόρο θύλακα και φυσικά δεν απαιτείτε κανενός είδους τοπικής αναισθησίας για αυτή τη διαδικασία.

LPG Endermologie

The Endermologie® - Lipomassage LPG treatment is the first technology worldwide that aims to reduce surface fat trapped under the skin and cellulite. Today, Endermologie® treatment is established internationally with over 25,000 centres worldwide.


Είναι η τελευταία λέξη της ιατρικής τεχνολογίας ,μια επαναστατική συσκευή για την καταπολέμηση της κυτταρίτιδας και του τοπικού λίπους ,καθώς προσφέρει ταυτόχρονη σύσφιξη και δρα αποτελεσματικά στην επιδερμική χαλάρωση.

Το COAXMED – CRF είναι μια πολυδραστική πλατφόρμα βραβευμένη σε διεθνές επίπεδο η οποία συνδυάζει στην ιδία θεραπεία διαφορετικές τεχνολογίες όπως :

Λιπολυτικό υπέρηχο, Μονοπολική και διπολική ραδιοσυχνότητα, Vacuumlaser για λιπογλυπτική


Κλινικές μελέτες έχουν αποδείξει ότι κάνει ήπιο λίφτινγκ στο δέρμα με αποτέλεσμα να εξομαλύνονται οι ρυτίδες και να κάνει σύσφιξη στο περίγραμμα του προσώπου και ιδιαίτερα στη χαλάρωση του λαιμού. Επίσης διαθέτει σύστημα vacuum με ψυχομένη κεφαλή για λεμφική παροχέτευση και μεγαλύτερη ανόρθωση του προσώπου.


Το COAXMED συνδυάζει τον λιπολυτικό υπέρηχο μαζί με τη μονοπολική ραδιοσυχνότητα στη ίδια κεφαλή .Ο υπέρηχος διεισδύει βαθειά κάτω από το δέρμα απελευθερώνοντας αέριο σε μορφή φυσαλίδων οι οποίες προκαλούν λύση της κυτταρικής μεμβράνης των λιποκυττάρων. Τα λιποκύτταρα θερμαίνονται και διαρρηγνύονται με αποτέλεσμα το λίπος σε υγρή μορφή να προωθείται στη λέμφο και να αποβάλλεται από τον οργανισμό. 

Discover the ultimate fitness experience at GYM WAY and give yourself the gift of health and wellness.

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Όργανα γυμναστικής

Port of Volos

In September 2017, GYM WAY Fitness & Wellness, the flagship of the GYM WAY chain, started its operation at the main pier in the port of Volos. The 2000sq.m. area is distinguished for its high aesthetics, unparalleled sea view and state-of-the-art equipment of the leading companies Technogym and Matrix in the field of fitness.

Άσκηση στο εργόμετρο

Nikitara 4

In 2013 GYM WAY Cross Box was founded. The gym is developed in a three-storey building with a surface area of 1500sq.m. that has a Reception Area, Instrument Room, Group Programs Room, Functional Area, Personal Training Room, Basketball Room, Squash Room, Men's and Women's Locker Rooms.


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