Exercise with straps with handles, with which anyone can train the body with changing exercises. Alternations in the degree of difficulty enhance the strengthening of muscle groups, but also contribute to fat loss. The only tool beyond the belt is our own body! TRX training is a new training system, which came to our country about a year ago and its popularity shows an ever-increasing trend among exercisers and athletes. TRX (Total-Body Resistance Exercise) stands for resistance training for the whole body . This system was developed by an ex-US Marine in the early 2000s. Since then, it has evolved into a system with its sought-after yet very simple equipment that includes elastic straps with handles to perform countless combinations of exercises, all of which take advantage of the body's own weight. Hearing the phrase "body weight" may make many shake their heads, thinking that they won't do enough work with it. We assure you that many of you weigh more than you can lift, so you already have all the equipment you need to work out!

Benefits of using TRX

TRX allows you to minimize exercise time by activating the whole body and switching exercises in seconds. It activates the core muscles, including the abdominals, pelvic floor muscles, glutes, power flexors, lats, and back and chest muscles. A strong core provides stability, balance and flexibility, reducing the risk of injuries throughout the body. Adjustable Intensity with Body Weight. TRX uses your body weight to set the intensity of the exercise. Simply move closer or further away from the TRX's ground attachment point. It constantly tests your strength in every exercise, eliminating time wasted switching weights. Improved Muscular System. It improves both the strength and size of your muscles, training your body in a unique way. It strengthens the muscles that stabilize the joints, necessary for supporting heavier weights, an advantage not achieved in a seated machine position. Ideal for Plyometric Exercises. Ideal for plyometric exercises, causing even greater gains in strength. Preservation of Bone Mass. TRX exercises can be low intensity but very effective for untrained individuals, or by adding a weighted vest for advanced athletes. It offers a wide range of motion in exercises that were previously problematic, activating muscle fibers and boosting metabolism.


The world's most popular program that combines free weights to reduce body fat, strengthen muscles and improve fitness in a short period of time!


Exercise with straps with handles, with which anyone can exercise the body with varying exercises. The variations in the degree of difficulty enhance the strengthening of muscle groups, but also contribute to fat loss. The only tool other than the belt is our own body!


It is a high-intensity aerobic workout that is inspired by martial arts, without physical contact between the athletes and with exercise options for all fitness levels.


Strengthening programme, based on exercise stations. Top of the line circuit training, divided into stations for muscle strengthening, maximum strength and fat burning that will take you to the limit!!!!


Method of yoga that uses the teachings of 3 basic systems. From the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system, it uses the "Salutations to the Sun", heat, flow, bandhas and ujahi breathing.


Exercise on special static bicycles with a load lever, focusing on endurance and strength training by simulating natural routes (uphill, downhill) and cycling races.


Skip the workout, time to party!!!! The well-known dance program based on Latin rhythm and steps that will excite you!!


With stretching we restore the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles of our body.Great class in which we work in stretching positions and gain greater range of motion of the muscle, avoid injuries, gain flexibility and relax the muscles avoiding pain and soreness.


Dynamic - aerobic program, which sculpts the whole body with many exercises for legs, buttocks and abs.


BOSU is the acronym for both sides up! We use both surfaces of a half balance ball to perform dozens of different exercises that will work out the entire body.


Half-hour program purely for your buttocks! Exercises with elastic and your body weight that will give you sexy glutes!


Powerful workout program that aims to train your core and legs for a great body!


A type of Pilates based on balance and muscle strengthening with large balls.


 The most fun method of exercising, toning and burning fat is the well-known trampoline! By using the small trampoline, aerobic programs change style and style and bring incredible results with lots of smiles!


Sway to the rhythms of South America. Combinations of steps in slow or fast tempo that will take you on a journey!!


Half-hour program just for abs! Crunches, side abs, hover and other exercises for flawless abs!

Discover the ultimate fitness experience at GYM WAY and give yourself the gift of health and wellness.

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